Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Welcome to the Latest of My Crazy Ideas!


So, like many people, I have developed an unholy adoration for Pinterest.  It’s to the point now that I make notes to myself of things to Google just so I can figure out what I can pin later.  (If you don’t yet have a Pinterest account, feel free to get in touch and I will give you an invitation.)  I have pins for things that I don’t have any capacity to do, such as sewing.  I have never mastered the art of sewing, but I have a board called “Learning to Sew” just in case.  When I pin things, I anxiously wait to see if my pins will be re-pinned.  It’s insanity, but if I have a pin that’s repinned more than 50 times, I feel like I won the lottery!


So I’ve decided not to let pinning be the end of the story.  I’m going to actually do the stuff I’m pinning and not just sit at my computer and pin pictures of other people’s accomplishments.  After all, the point is not only to be inspired, but to be inspired enough to do stuff.


I can’t say I’m going to make something every day—I have an active pre-schooler here at home, but at least once a week you can count on the results of a pin and whether or not the stuff comes out as well as it looks on these beautiful pictures I’ve been pinning.

And then what?  Well, let me introduce you to the world’s most beautiful almost-3-year-old.


This is our gorgeous girl, Leah.  We adopted her nearly 3 years ago, and I’m getting the itch.  People all around me continue to have babies and I’m feeling the draw.  I love other people’s babies, and I’m so excited for my friend Amber, who lives here in town and recently found out she’s expecting in September—that baby is going to be in my arms A LOT!!!!  Especially since Lisa’s Fred just turned 1—boo hoo!  They grow up so fast!  I am no longer employed like I was pre-Leah.  My family is no longer in a position to help me out financially to adopt again.  But I know there is a kid out there who belongs with us.

So wherever possible, I plan to sell my creations on Etsy.  I’m learning about opening an Etsy shop, and hopefully I can sell things and make some of the money we need to put towards our adoption fund.  We have some other sources of income, mostly loans, that we could use if we had to, but every little bit that we don’t have to repay helps.

So my plan is to have each post include the original pin, a link to the original website that was pinned and pictures of what I did, along with observations of what we learned.  I may also throw in some things about the benefits of creativity, the joys of pre-schoolers and being a mom, and life stuff in general.

So stay tuned!  I’m excited to try some things out and learn some things along the way!  We’ll see what happens and where this takes me!


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  1. I am now following you on Pinterest! Happy Birthday to your sweet girl. :)